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Speech & Language Services

Our Speech-Language Pathologists have training and experience in a variety of approaches. Our team offers you our very best concerning speech, voice, and language, language based comprehension, orofacial myofunctional therapy, swallowing feeding disorders, Autism/spectrum disorders, and the assessment of speech and language of Internationally Adopted Children.

Speech, Voice & Language

Myofunctional Therapy

Language Based Comprehension

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Resources for Homeschool Families

We at Associated Speech & Language Specialists love to work together with homeschool families to provide any guidance regarding speech and language needs, including:

  • Answers to questions or concerns about your child’s speech accuracy and language development
  • Evaluations of speech and language skills
  • Advice for home activities you may use to enhance your child’s speech and language skills
  • Direct services at one of our four locations, when desired.
  • For more information visit our resources page.

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Specialized Training

Teletherapy Services

At Associated Speech and Language Specialists, we bring our nearly 30 years of clinical experience to the convenience of online appointments.
All you need is a computer, tablet or phone with a camera, an email address and a reliable internet connection. Teletherapy offers:

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Occupational AND PHYSICAL
Therapy Services

Associated Speech and Language Specialists (ASLS) and Children’s Theraplay collaborate to provide coordinated occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services at our adjacent Maplewood and Plymouth clinics.

We are separate agencies practicing at the same locations for the ease and convenience of our clients. Through our partner, Children’s Theraplay, we offer Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy evaluations and treatment to address:

Visit Children’s Theraplay on the web for more information about
occupational therapy and physical therapy services or call our Maplewood or Plymouth Clinics.