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At Associated Speech and Language Specialists, we evaluate and treat people of all ages to work towards enhanced communication through clearer speech, better comprehension for learning and listening, as well as address a variety of language difficulties, including: Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), phonological disorders, autism spectrum disorders, language comprehension, reading difficulties, cleft lip and palate, stuttering and more!


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Our Locations

We have 4 locations in the Twin Cities Metro Area:

Saint Paul, MN

561 West 7th Street,
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102

Arden Hills, MN

6 Pine Tree Drive, Suite 330
Arden Hills, Minnesota 55112

Maplewood, MN

2395 Ariel Street North, Suite B
Maplewood, Minnesota 55109

Plymouth, MN

3021 Harbor Lane North, Suite 120
Plymouth, Minnesota 55447


"A wonderful place with great people. So happy we chose them and I recommend them to any parent in need of speech services."
Duchessk H
"We've been bringing Liu to Associated Speech for quite some time. Great work, and Liu looks forward to it every week!!! :)"
Mike S.
"We have had such a great experience at Associated Speech and Language. My son had speech therapy and occupational therapy there for several years. My daughter also went through speech therapy here as well. We have nothing but good things to say about all the speech pathologists. We had so much success and highly recommend Associated Speech and Language."
Lyndsay C.
"I cannot say enough good things about Assoc. Speech and Language. My son (age 5 when he started) struggled in several different areas, with some being very specific, but not obvious. The therapist was always digging deeper to figure him out and pinpoint exactly how to help him. My son enjoyed going (the lollipops and/or stickers always helped!), but it is a great environment and she always made therapy "fun.""
Renae G.
"For the past 8 years we have been a part of the Associated Speech and Language family. No words can ever express the amount of gratitude we feel for all of the staff. The speech therapists/staff are exceptional, we have never had a bad experience and we can honestly call them all family. Giving our children the gift to speak is something we can never repay. We highly recommend Associated Speech and Language."
Mollie O.
"We have been going to the Plymouth location off and on since my child was 3. They are AMAZING!! My now 8 year old had childhood apraxia of speech. Associated did the evaluation that diagnosed her originally and they worked with her on her level off and on through preschool and early elementary. We supplemented with help with speech at school, but having the sessions at Associated made All. The. Difference! They were engaging and patient and took the time to cater the session to my child’s interests so that it felt less like the hard work it is, but more like play to my child. They took the time to get to know my child and used games like Sorry and Uno to get her to try and they incorporated my child’s love of Pokemon to keep her on task and trying. My kid went from not being able to verbalize much of anything to being fluent and easily understood. You wouldn’t be able to tell today that she ever had difficulties speaking. Associated always provided a peaceful, warm atmosphere, they worked hard to accommodate schedules while making certain that speech sessions occurred frequently enough to make significant difference. They do all they can to work with insurance and helped tremendously to make sure that we were aware of the scholarships and grants available to kids like mine. My kiddo is finishing up now, in the midst of a pandemic, and they have been incredible through it all in keeping us in the loop, accommodating differing schedules and keeping my kid on track to graduate from speech all together. If you are on the fence about whether your child needs help, or if you know in your gut that they aren’t where they should be with speech, reach out to Associated. I am so incredibly grateful to them for all the work they’ve put in with my kid. It’s so important to have a voice and they’ve given my kid the ability to use hers."
Rachel D.
“I have nothing but good things to say about the therapists my daughter saw. They truly love what they do and you can see it in the progress of the children they serve. My daughter learned a lot. She started understanding and speaking more fluently as soon as she started therapy with them. My daughter is on the spectrum and they were so caring to her needs. We love them!”
Aline P.
"My son participated in speech therapy for a year. His language improved exponentially and he loved going every time."
D Colbert
“Love them! My son wouldn’t and couldn’t speak at all. Now that he has been going to therapy, he has gotten better with talking and using words. The staff is awesome ad always nice and helpful.”
Monique U.
"Great staff. My son loves coming here and has learned so much."
Edgar G.